Epileptic Disorders


When patients with epilepsy or “epilepsy” might need a pacemaker Volume 17, numéro 3, September 2015

Cruachan, Bowmore, Isle of Islay, Scotland, UK

Ictal asystole means cardiac standstill during an epileptic seizure, as in the woman described by Guldiken et al., (2015) in this issue. If the asystole lasts long enough – more than 6 seconds – then a syncope results (Bestawros et al., 2015). This is a situation in which a patient with definite epilepsy might need a cardiac pacemaker, but only after careful thought (Benditt et al., 2015).Much more common is the scenario in which a patient is treated for “epilepsy” but instead has non-epileptic reflex [...]