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Adult new-onset status epilepticus secondary to en coup de sabre: a case report and review of the literature Volume 24, numéro 2, April 2022


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Department of Neurology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA
* Correspondence: Sarita Maturu Department of Neurology The Ohio State University 395 West 12 Avenue, Columbus OH 43210, USA

En coup de sabre (ECDS) is a rare form of linear scleroderma that forms a depressed groove on the scalp and linear alopecia [1, 2]. The neurological manifestations of ECDS are rare and typically recognized after dermatological presentation. Seizures are the most frequently reported neurological abnormality [3, 4]. Here, we report a unique case of ECDS presenting as new-onset status epilepticus (SE) in adulthood before the diagnosis of skin disease.A 58-year-old female with no prior history of seizures, [...]