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European Journal of Dermatology

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European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 22, numéro 3, May-June 2012

Volume 22, numéro 3, May-June 2012

Review article

Article Genetic skin diseases predisposing to basal cell carcinoma (p.299-309)
Marco Castori, Aldo Morrone, Jean Kanitakis, Paola Grammatico

Article Skin Academy: Hair, skin, hormones and menopause – current status/knowledge on the management of hair disorders in menopausal women (p.310-8)
Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, Stephen Atkin, Uwe Gieler, Ramon Grimalt

Investigative report

Article Cytokine and chemokine ligand expression in cutaneous lupus erythematosus (p.319-23)
Thilo Gambichler, Zanna Genc, Marina Skrygan, Nina Scola, Christian Tigges, Sarah Terras, Falk G. Bechara, Alexander Kreuter

Article Distinct and complementary roles of papillary and reticular fibroblasts in skin morphogenesis and homeostasis (p.324-32)
Hervé Pageon, Hélène Zucchi, Daniel Asselineau

Article The levels of soluble ST2 in sera and bullous fluid from patients with bullous pemphigoid (p.333-6)
Koji Wakatabi, Mayumi Komine, Jitlada Meephansan, Yasushi Matsuyama, Hidetoshi Tsuda, Shin-ichi Tominaga, Mamitaro Ohtsuki

Article Atheroma plaque, metabolic syndrome and inflammation in patients with psoriasis (p.337-44)
Salvador Arias-Santiago, Jacinto Orgaz-Molina, Luisa Castellote-Caballero, Miguel Ángel Arrabal-Polo, Sonia García-Rodriguez, Rubén Perandrés-López, José Carlos Ruiz, Ramón Naranjo-Sintes, Mercedes Zubiaur, Jaime Sancho, Agustín Buendía-Eisman

Article Skin autoreactivity in Hashimoto's thyroiditis patients without urticaria: Autologous serum skin test positivity correlation with thyroid antibodies, sonographical volume and grading (p.345-50)
Zafer Turkoglu, Ilkin Zindanci, Ozlem Turkoglu, Burce Can, Mukaddes Kavala, Gonca Tamer, Vasfiye Ulucay, Erdal Akyer

Article Clinical significance of serum decoy receptor 3 levels in patients with systemic sclerosis (p.351-7)
Daisuke Yamada, Yoshihide Asano, Takehiro Takahashi, Yuri Masui, Naohiko Aozasa, Kaname Akamata, Shinji Noda, Zenshiro Tamaki, Yayoi Tada, Makoto Sugaya, Shinichi Sato, Takafumi Kadono

Article Microarray-based detection of specific IgE against recombinant ω-5-gliadin in suspected wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (p.358-62)
Richard Brans, Ilka Sauer, Katharina Czaja, Wolfgang Pfützner, Hans F. Merk


Article High-dose intravenous immunoglobulin in the treatment of adult patients with bullous pemphigoid (p.363-9)
Georgios Gaitanis, Ioannis Alexis, Sygkliti-Henrietta Pelidou, Irene F. Gazi, Athanasios P. Kyritsis, Moses S. Elisaf, Ioannis D. Bassukas

Article Recurrence rates and patient assessed outcomes of 0.5% 5-fluorouracil in combination with salicylic acid treating actinic keratoses (p.370-4)

Clinical report

Article Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Merkel cell carcinoma – Cutaneous Oncology Group of the French Society of Dermatology (p.375-9)
Olivia Boccara, Celine Girard, Laurent Mortier, Guido Bens, Philippe Saiag, Bernard Guillot

Article Oculomucosal and gastrointestinal involvement in Epstein-Barr virus-associated hydroa vacciniforme (p.380-3)
Takenobu Yamamoto, Yoji Hirai, Tomoko Miyake, Osamu Yamasaki, Shin Morizane, Keiji Iwatsuki

Article Gypsy moth-induced dermatitis: a hospital review and community survey (p.384-90)
Takayuki Kikuchi, Ken Kobayashi, Kiyomi Sakata, Toshihide Akasaka

Article 11 th Annual LVMH Recherche Symposium: Skin rejuvenation (p.432-6)
Frédéric Bonté


Article Verruciform xanthoma of the glans penis mimicking squamous cell carcinoma – role of scavenger receptor positive macrophages (p.391-2)
Sho Miake, Takeshi Nakahara, Yuichi Kurihara, Junichi Hachisuka, Yoichi Moroi, Masutaka Furue

Article Suspected Nagashima-type palmoplantar keratosis with atypical hyperkeratotic lesions on the ears (p.392-3)
Yumi Nonomura, Atsushi Otsuka, Yoshiki Miyachi, Kenji Kabashima

Article Loss of genomic DNA copy numbers in the p18, p16, p27 and RB loci in blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm (p.393-4)
Naoki Oiso, Yoichi Tatsumi, Tokuzo Arao, Shinya Rai, Masatomo Kimura, Shigeo Nakamura, Tomoo Itoh, Kazuto Nishio, Itaru Matsumura, Akira Kawada

Article Eruptive vellus hair cysts in association with syringomas (p.394-5)
Yan Li, Shi-Jun Shan, Suju Luo, Suying Zhang, Quanzhong Liu

Article Cervical auricles in a family (p.395-6)
Naoki Oiso, Akira Kawada

Article Characteristics of patients with psoriasis and Type 2 diabetes in a central China case-control study (p.396-7)
Xue-Chao Xu, Ai-Ping Feng

Article Churg-Strauss syndrome presenting with severe cutaneous and intestinal ulcers (p.397-9)
Chisako Hayami, Naoko Ishiguro, Yasuko Fukuya, Yoshiki Tokura, Makoto Kawashima

Article Late-onset focal dermal elastosis (p.399-400)
Shan Tian, Zhou Chen

Article Human papilloma virus type 16-associated verruca vulgaris on the digits with multiple cancerous anogenital lesions (p.400-1)
Chieko Ibusuki, Makoto Kunisada, Kanako Ogura, Tetsuya Ikeda, Yoshiko Oda, Chikako Nishigori

Article Fixed drug eruption induced by cyclophosphamide (p.401-2)
Kenji Sakurai, Atsushi Otsuka, Yoshiki Miyachi, Kenji Kabashima

Article Photosensitive drug eruption induced by bicalutamide within the UVB action spectrum (p.402-4)
Kumiko Sasada, Jun-ichi Sakabe, Aiko Tamura, Akira Kasuya, Takatoshi Shimauchi, Taisuke Ito, Satoshi Hirakawa, Yoshiki Tokura

Article Absence of cutaneous symptoms of pseudoxanthoma elasticum at the immobile joint of a stroke patient (p.403-4)
Mikiko Michigami, Hitoshi Kudo, Akira Iwanaga, Atsushi Utani

Article Neutrophilic panniculitis with non-caseating granulomas in a Crohn's disease patient (p.404-5)
Youichi Ogawa, Rui Aoki, Kazutoshi. Harada, Takamitsu Matsuzawa, Takashi Inozume, Naotaka Shibagaki, Tatsuyoshi Kawamura, Shinji Shimada

Article Syringocystadenocarcinoma papilliferum in situ of the penis (p.405-6)
Mathew A. Plant, Shachar Sade, Collin Hong, Danny M.D. Ghazarian

Article Unilateral telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans with a clear demarcation at the midline of the trunk (p.407-8)
Shinji Noda, Jason B Lee, Kehua Li, Laurel Schwartz

Article Emergencies in dermatology outpatient clinics: our experience in Spain (p.408-9)
Marina Rodríguez-Martín, Miguel Saez, Nayra Merino de Paz, Patricia Contreras Ferrer, Mar Pestana Eliche, Antonio Noda Cabrera

Article A rare complication of hereditary epidermolysis bullosa: esophageal carcinoma in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa inversa (p.409-10)
Nahide Onsun, Ozlem Su, Serpil Pirmit, Sirin Korkmaz, Yasemin Arzu Korkut, Murat Akaydin, Naciye Arda

Article Drug eruption due to sodium picosulfate (p.410-1)
Asuka Ishikawa, Kazumitsu Sugiura, Akihiro Sato, Yoshinao Muro, Masashi Akiyama

Article The syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) associated with metastatic malignant melanoma (p.411-2)
Miho Ueda, Yuichiro Endo, Yo Kaku, Hideaki Tanizaki, Hiroaki Fujisawa, Miki Tanioka, Yoshiki Miyachi

Article Netherton syndrome showing a large clinical overlap with generalized inflammatory peeling skin syndrome (p.412-3)
Muhammad Farooq, Mazen Kurban, Ossama Abbas, Abdul-Ghani Kibbi, Atsushi Fujimoto, Hiroki Fujikawa, Yutaka Shimomura

Article Heroin-induced chronic symmetrical skin ulcers of the forearms in a young adult (p.414)
Selma Sönmez Ergün, Kemalettin Yildiz, Emre Gönenç Baygöl, Özlem Su, Zeynep Işıl Uğurad

Article CD8-positive pityriasis lichenoides-like mycosis fungoides (p.415-6)
Eun Byul Cho, Sung Hwan Youn, Eun Joo Park, In Ho Kwon, Kwang Ho Kim, Kwang Joong Kim

Article Excess of melanocytic nevi in a patient treated with natalizumab for multiple sclerosis (p.416-7)
Edoardo Zattra, Anna Belloni Fortina, Mauro Alaibac

Article Simultaneous occurrence of distantly located multiple sebaceous carcinomas with elevated serum TGF-β in Muir-Torre syndrome (p.417-8)
Satoshi Nakamizo, Akiko Arakawa, Akihiko Kitoh, Satoshi Kore-Eda, Atsushi Utani, Yoshiki Miyachi

Article Increased human herpes virus 6 DNA detected by real-time PCR in the saliva of two patients with drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome (p.418-9)
Yoko Hara, Manabu Yoshioka, Ryutaro Yoshiki, Motonobu Nakamura

Article Interstitial granulomatous drug reaction to a Chinese herb extract (p.419-20)
Xu-Feng Du, Xing-Ping Yin, Guo-Long Zhang, He-Jian Shi, Min-Hua Shao

Article Primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma arising from a burn scar (p.420-1)
Yasuyuki Amoh, Kenichi Tanabe, Hiroshi Takasu, Kensei Katsuoka

Article Primary cutaneous cryptococcosis in a patient with CREST syndrome (p.421-2)
Emiko Ishikawa, Kozo Yoneda, Kozo Nakai, Junko Moriue, Ikumi Yokoi, Asuka Munehiro, Yasuo Kubota

Article Sun products: products which have particular formulation requirements (p.422-3)
Céline A. Couteau, Laurence J.M. Coiffard

Article Misdiagnosis and patient negation: a case of universal vitiligo (p.423-4)
Roberta Colucci, Meena Arunachalam, Federica Dragoni, Massimiliano Galeone, Samantha Berti, Siliva Moretti

Article Focal presence of molluscum contagiosum in basal cell carcinoma (p.424-5)
Masato Mizuashi, Takahiro Tamabuchi, Hachiro Tagami, Setsuya Aiba

Article Seronegative rheumatoid nodulosis: a new case report (p.425-6)
Yue-Ping Zeng, Tao Qu

Article Refractory disseminated pyoderma gangrenosum, with dependence on corticosteroids, responding to potassium iodide (p.426-7)
Li Qiu, Song Zheng, Jian Wu, Ting Xiao, Hong-Duo Chen

Article Macular lymphocytic arteritis in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis (p.427-8)
Asuka Munehiro, Kozo Yoneda, Ayako Koura, Kozo Nakai, Yasuo Kubota


Article Erratum (p.428)

Article Erratum (p.429)

Letter to the editor

Article Commentary on: Cutaneous amyloidoses and systemic amyloidoses with cutaneous involvement ( Eur J Dermatol 2010; 20: 152-60) (p.430)
Isabel Longo-Imedio

Article Reply to Isabel Longo-Imedio [1] (p.431)
Stephan Schreml

Residents’ corner

Article Residents’ corner May 2012. Residents’ editorial choice (p.438)
Audrey Nosbaum, Laurence Feldmeyer, Tiago Torres, Emmanuella Guenova

Article Residents’ corner May 2012. sQUIZ your knowledge! Linear erythematous plaques on the face (p.439-40)
Philippa Osório

Residents’ corner.

Article Residents’ corner May 2012. CarpeDIEM – Dermatological Indications for Electron Microscopy: Herpesvirus infection (p.440)
Emmanuella Guenova, Martin Schaller

Article Residents’ corner May 2012. Announcements (p.441-2)