European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 7, numéro 8, December 1997


Volume 7, numéro 8, December 1997


Article The biological significance of keratin in epithelial tumors – in particular in squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma (p.543-8)
Y. Katagata

Article Which factors are of relevance in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis? (p.549-53)
K. Thestrup-Pedersen

Gènes et peau

Article Autosomal dominant inheritance of HID syndrome (hystrix-likeichthyosis with deafness) (p.554-5)
A. König, W. Küster, R. Berger, R. Happle


Article CD40 ligand expression in mycosis fungoides is restricted to the patch/plaque (epidermotropic) stages (p.556-60)
M. Mori, C. Manuelli, N. Pimpinelli, C. Mavilia, B. Bianchi, M. Santucci, B. Gianotti, P. Cappugi

Article The relation between periungual erythema and nailfold capillary abnormalities in patients with connective tissue diseases (p.561-5)
T. Ohtsuka

Article Identification of desmosomal antigens recognized by pemphigus vulgaris and pemphigus foliaceus IgG autoantibodies using protein lysates derived from various epithelial cells and tissues (p.566-9)
E. Cozzani, R.F. Ghohestani, A. Claudy, J.F. Nicolas

Cas cliniques

Article Treatment of bullous pemphigoid with tetracyclines and topical corticosteroids (p.570-3)
F. Depaire-Duclos, M. Dandurand, N. Basset-Seguin, J.J. Guilhou, B. Guillot

Article Late reading of patch tests (p.574-6)
M. Vigan, P. Girardin, B. Adessi, R. Laurent

Article Computerized analysis of atypical and multiple nevi: more efficient than classical clinical comparison for the detection of modifications in surface area? (p.577-80)
P. Andres, D. Le Forestier, J.F. Stalder

Article Granuloma annulare associated with scleroderma (p.581-3)
T. Akiyama, M. Seishima, Y. Kitajima

Article Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita and primary biliary cirrhosis (p.584-6)
T. Tsuji, W. Fujimoto, J. Tada, Y. Nagao, J. Arata

Article Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis in a child caused by penicillin (p.587-8)
M.L. Gantcheva, N.K. Tsankov

Article Verrucous trichilemmal tumour arising on chronic grenz ray dermatitis (p.589-92)
K. Yoshizawa, H. Kaninuma

Article Confluent and reticulated papillomatosis successfully treated with minocycline (p.593-5)
H. Amano, S. Akimoto, M. Kurosawa, K. Ohnishi, O. Ishikawa, Y. Miyachi

Article Scleredema diabeticorum in a patient with latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) (p.596-8)
J. Péc, Z. Fetisovová, Z. Frlickova, K. Adamicová, J. Straková, N. Mäckova, E. Martinka, M. Mokán, D. Dobrota, M. Péc

Votre diagnostic !

Article Lichen nitidus of the skin, mucous membranes and nails (p.599-600)
A. Tosti, E. Ghetti, B.M. Piraccini, E. Talarico

Article Fordyce spots on the areola (p.601-2)
J.L. Bonafé, J.H. Pech, L. Cambon, H. Jouas

Article Adult colloid milium (p.603-4)
M.H. Grunwald, H. Giryes, D. Hallel-Halevy