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The future of dryland cereals and legumes for the smallholder farmer in the semi-arid tropics Volume 24, numéro 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2013

ICRISAT Patancheru 502324 Andhra Pradesh India

sec.2014.0413 Auteur(s) : Vincent Vadez v.vadez@cgiar.org, Jérôme Bossuet J.Bossuet@cgiar.org ICRISAT Patancheru 502324 Andhra Pradesh India Tirés à part : V. Vadez Besides a major financial crisis since 2008, a major inflation and volatility of the price of the most important staple foods such as rice or wheat is threatening global food security, especially for the millions of poor in developing countries. Food production has returned to the top of the political agenda worldwide. Today, we are [...]