Magnesium Research


New data on ecological analysis of possible relationship between magnesium in drinking water and liver cancer Volume 17, numéro 1, March 2004

Technical University, ul. Mikolajczyka 5, 45‐271 Opole, Poland. E‐mail: antupo.opole.pl; Medical University, ul. Poniatowskiego 2, 50‐326 Wroclaw, Poland. E‐mail: zrybakchirn.am.wroc.pl

Based on extensive ecological data and conducted Bayesian modeling, this paper reports on epidemiological findings concerning a possible relationship between magnesium in drinking water and carcinogenesis in human liver. Relative contributions of water quality to endemic waterborne disease for particular categories of magnesium concentration and for age groups of patients were ascertained, i.e. the smaller liver cancer morbidity is referred with a greater magnesium concentration in drinking water, both in males and females. The achieved outcomes provide statistically significant evidence of positive health effects of magnesium water supplies on this lethal disease.