European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 10, numéro 1, January - February 2000


Volume 10, numéro 1, January - February 2000


Article It is after the ten-year … (p.5)
J. Thivolet

Article Founding of a new European Dermatology Organisation (p.6)
L.R. Braathen

Article revue

Article The future of dermatology in Europe (p.7-13)
L.R. Braathen


Article Coagulation factor XIII, endothelial damage and systemic sclerosis (p.14-7)
A.V. Marzano, A.B. Federici, G. Gasparini, P.M. Mannucci, R. Caputo, E. Berti

Article An experience for ELISA for desmoglein 1, suggesting a possible diagnostic help to determine the initial therapy for pemphigus foliaceus (p.18-21)
Y. Aoyama, Y. Tsujimura, M. Funabashi, M. Sato, H. Kamiya, Y. Kitajima

Cas cliniques

Article Clinicopathological correlation of pigmented skin lesions using dermoscopy (p.22-8)
H.P. Soyer, R.O. Kenet, I.H. Wolf, B.J. Kenet, L. Cerroni

Article High dose intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) in dermatomyositis: clinical responses and effect on sIL-2R levels (p.29-35)
I. Göttfried, A. Seeber, B. Anegg, A. Rieger, G. Stingl, B. Volc-Platzer

Article Acrogeria of the Gottron type in a mother and son (p.36-40)
M. Blaszczyk, A. Depaepe, L. Nuytinck, M. Glinska-Ferenz, S. Jablonska

Article Correlation between bacterial population and axillary and plantar bromidrosis: study of 30 patients (p.41-2)
G. Guillet, A. Zampetti, M.L. Aballain-Colloc

Article Occurrence of Hodgkin’s disease and cutaneous B-cell lymphoma in the same patient: a report of two cases (p.43-6)
O. Servitje, R.M. Martí, T. Estrach, J. Palou, F. Gallardo, A. Limón, V. Romagosa

Article Pulmonary nocardiosis with cutaneous involvement mimicking a metastasizing lung carcinoma in a patient with chronic myelogenous leukaemia (p.47-51)
P. Nenoff, S. Kellermann, G. Borte, L.C. Horn, W. Pönisch, J. Winkler, U.F. Haustein

Article Tumoral calcinosis: a case report with an electron microscopic study (p.52-4)
J. Arikawa, Y. Higaki, J. Mizushima, T. Nogita, M. Kawashima

Article Raynaud’s phenomenon possibly induced by a compund drug of tegafur and uracil (p.55-8)
M. Seishima, T. Izumi, H. Kanoh

Article Treatment of pruritis of reactive perforating collagenosis using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (p.59-61)
L.Y. Chan, W.Y.M. Tang, K.K. Lo

Votre diagnostic !

Article Perforating pilomatricoma resembling keratoacanthoma (p.63-4)
H. Y. Kang, W. H. Kang

Article Malignant eccrine spiradenoma (p.65-7)
S. Sönmez Ergün, Y. Balsever Kural, N. Büyükbabani

Article Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour in a patient with neurofibromatosis type I (p.69-70)
D. Calista, S. Cerasoli, S. Schianchi


Article Recent physiopathological insights in cutaneous lymphocytic infiltrates (p.35)
Hervé Bachelez

Articles FMC

Article Understanding the trends in melanoma incidence and mortality: where do we stand? (p.71-5)
L. Brochez, J.M. Naeyaert