European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 9, numéro 6, September 1999


Volume 9, numéro 6, September 1999

Article revue

Article Autoimmunity of the dermal-epidermal junction (p.437-42)


Article Use of ivermectin for the management of scabies in a nursing home (p.443-5)
E. Dannaoui, A. Kiazand, M.-A. Piens, S. Picot

Article Global improvement of systemic scleroderma under long-term administration of octreotide (p.446-8)
V. Descamps, X. Duval, B. Crickx, F. Bouscarat, B. Coffin, S. Belaich

Gènes et peau

Article Type 2 segmental Darier disease (p.449-51)
R. Happle, P.H. Itin, A.M. Brun


Article Ex vivo high resolution MR imaging of the human lip with a dedicated low field system (p.452-4)
P. Choquet, H. Sick, A. Constantinesco

Article Sebum rheology evaluated by two methods in vivo. Split-face study of the effect of a cosmetic formulation (p.455-7)
C. Piérard-Franchimont, O. Martalo, A. Richard, A. Rougier, G.E. Piérard

Cas cliniques

Article Erysipeloid leishmaniasis: an unusual clinical presentation (p.458-9)
R. Salmanpour, F. Handjani, F. Zerehsaz, S. Ardehali, M.R. Panjehshahin

Article Multiple minute digitate hyperkeratoses Report of two cases with an updated review and proposal for a new classification (p.460-5)
C. Ramselaar, J. Toonstra

Article Cutaneous sarcoidosis with cardiac involvement (p.466-9)
H. Okamoto, K. Mizuno, E. Ohtoshi

Article The dermoscopic versus the clinical diagnosis of melanoma (p.470-6)
C. Benelli, E. Roscetti, V. Dal Pozzo, G. Gasparini, S. Cavicchini

Article Demonstration of HPV 24 in long-standing Heck’s disease with malignant transformation (p.477-9)
B. Niebrügge, E.-M. De Villiers, K.-L. Gerlach, I. Franke, H. Gollnick

Article Pre-Kaposi’s sarcoma: an expansion of the spectrum of Kaposi’s sarcoma lesions (p.480-2)
T. Simonart, G. De Dobbeleer, M.-O. Peny, I. Fayt, D. Parent, J.-P. Van Vooren, J.-C. Noel

Article Eccrine porocarcinoma, tricholemmal carcinoma and multiple squamous cell carcinomas in a single patient (p.483-6)
B. Cribier, D. Lipsker, E. Grosshans

Article Ulcerated cutaneous epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (p.487-90)
P. Grézard, B. Balme, P. Ceruse, C. Bailly, T. Dujardin, H. Perrot

Votre diagnostic !

Article Macronodular iatrogenic acne due to amineptine (p.491-2)
Ramon Grimalt, José M. Mascaro-Galy, Juan Ferrando, Mario Lecha

Article Giant Schwannoma (p.493-5)
Ritsuko HAGA, Mayu ENDO, Hiroyuki SUZUKI

Article Isolated palmoplantar hyperkeratosis revealing keratosis lichenoides chronica (p.497-9)
N. Thieulent, P. Grézard, F. Wolf, B. Balme, H. Perrot

Articles FMC

Article Tropical holiday memories (p.500-5)
B. Naafs

Article Beyond inflammation: tolerance, immunotherapy and more (p.507-13)
S. Goerdt, R. Birk, E. Dippel, C.E. Orfanos