European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 20, numéro 1, January-February 2010


Volume 20, numéro 1, January-February 2010


Article Editorial (p.5)

Review article

Article Fusidic acid in dermatology: an updated review (p.6-15)
Helmut Schöfer, Lene Simonsen

Article Plasmacytoid dendritic cells and dermatological disorders: focus on their role in autoimmunity and cancer (p.16-23)
Julie Charles, Laurence Chaperot, Dimitri Salameire, Jérémy Di Domizio, Caroline Aspord, Rémy Gressin, Marie-Christine Jacob, Marie-Jeanne Richard, Jean-Claude Beani, Joel Plumas, Marie-Thérèse Leccia

Article New wound dressings: classification, tolerance (p.24-6)
An Goossens, Marie-Bernadette Cleenewerck

Genes and skin

Article A new pathogenic keratin 5 mutation in a Hindoestan family with localized epidermolysis bullosa simplex (p.27-9)
Sophie C Flohil, Maria C Bolling, Kristia A Kooi, Henny H Lemmink, Marcel F Jonkman

Investigative report

Article Sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with thin melanoma: occurrence of nodal metastases and its prognostic value (p.30-4)
Lenka Vermeeren, Fred Van der Ent, Prapto Sastrowijoto, Karel Hulsewé

Article Keratinocyte and lymphocyte apoptosis: relation to disease outcome in systemic lupus erythematosus patients with and without cutaneous manifestations (p.35-41)
Samar Abdallah M Salem, Hanan Mohamed Farouk, Afaf A Mostafa, Iman M Aly Hassan, Wesam M Osman, Hebat-Allah Ahmed Al-Shamy, Naglaa Youssef M Assaf

Article Promotion effect of norgalanthamine, a component of Crinum asiaticum, on hair growth (p.42-8)
Sang-Cheol Kim, Jung-Il Kang, Min-Kyoung Kim, Jae-Hee Hyun, Hye-Jin Boo, Doek-Bae Park, Young-Jae Lee, Eun-Sook Yoo, Young Ho Kim, Young Heui Kim, Hee-Kyoung Kang

Article Differential cytokine secretion of cultured bone marrow stromal cells from patients with psoriasis and healthy volunteers (p.49-53)
Kaiming Zhang, Ruifeng Liu, Guohua Yin, Xinhua Li, Junqin Li, Jing Zhang

Article Allergen microarrays: a novel tool for high-resolution IgE profiling in adults with atopic dermatitis (p.54-61)
Hagen Ott, Regina Fölster-Holst, Hans F Merk, Jens Malte Baron

Article Concordance of the Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) and patient-reported outcomes in psoriasis treatment (p.62-7)
Ines Schäfer, Jana Hacker, Stephan Jeff Rustenbach, Marc Radtke, Nadine Franzke, Matthias Augustin

Article Amoxicillin-induced flare in patients with DRESS (Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms): report of seven cases and demonstration of a direct effect of amoxicillin on Human Herpesvirus 6 replication in vitro (p.68-73)
Laurent Mardivirin, Laurence Valeyrie-Allanore, Estelle Branlant-Redon, Nathalie Beneton, Kaoutar Jidar, Annick Barbaud, Béatrice Crickx, Sylvie Ranger-Rogez, Vincent Descamps

Article Palm tissue displaying a polyclonal autoimmune response in patients affected by a new variant of endemic pemphigus foliaceus in Colombia, South America (p.74-81)
Ana Maria Abreu Velez, Michael S Howard, Takashi Hashimoto


Article Topical therapy with nadifloxacin cream and prednicarbate cream improves acneiform eruptions caused by the EGFR-inhibitor cetuximab – A report of 29 patients (p.82-4)
Kerstin Katzer, Julia Tietze, Elisabeth Klein, Volker Heinemann, Thomas Ruzicka, Andreas Wollenberg

Clinical report

Article Contact allergy to hair colouring products The cosmetovigilance experience of 4 companies (2003-2006) (p.85-95)
Maya Krasteva, Brigitte Bons, Sarah Tozer, Kim Rich, Edo Hoting, Detlef Hollenberg, Anne Fuchs, Rolf Fautz

Article Bullous pemphigoid and internal diseases – A case-control study (p.96-101)
Hana Jedlickova, Milos Hlubinka, Tomas Pavlik, Vera Semradova, Eva Budinska, Zdenek Vlasin

Article Allergic contact dermatitis to inhalation corticosteroids (p.102-8)
Marie Baeck, Charles Pilette, Jacques Drieghe, An Goossens

Article Internet based health promotion campaign against skin cancer – Results of www.skincheck.ch in Switzerland (p.109-14)
Marjam-Jeanette Barysch, Antonio Cozzio, Isabel Kolm, Susanne Ruf Hrdlicka, Christoph Brand, Robert Hunger, Oliver Kreyden, Reto Schaffner, Thomas Zaugg, Reinhard Dummer

Article Empyema necessitatis revisited (p.115-9)
Mar Llamas-Velasco, Inmaculada Domínguez, Enrique Ovejero, Silvia Pérez-Gala, Amaro García-Diez


Article Folliculotropic mycosis fungoides successfully treated with narrow band UVB (p.120-1)
Tomonori Taniguchi, Yasuyuki Amoh, Kensei Katsuoka, Hiroshi Takasu

Article Acral calcified angioleiomyoma (p.121-2)
Erika Sakai, Emiko Asai, Toshiyuki Yamamoto

Article No evidence for fetal microchimerism in the skin of patients with pemphigoid gestationis (p.122-3)
Maria Clara D’Alessio, Cinzia Mazzanti, Nicoletta Di Simone, Salvatore Mancuso, Giovanni Reddiconto, Mariagrazia Garzia, Giuseppe Leone, Tommaso Gobello, Alessandro Caruso

Article Pagetoid dyskeratosis: a frequent pitfall in dermatopathology (p.123-4)
Jean Kanitakis, Viviana Lora

Article Ofuji’s disease – A diagnosis to consider in white patients (p.124-5)
Ana Nogueira, Ana Filipa Duarte, Sofia Magina, Áurea Canelhas, Carlos Resende, Filomena Azevedo

Article Systemic allergic contact dermatitis due to phenylephrine in eyedrops, with a long-lasting allergic patch test reaction (p.125-6)
Risa Tamagawa-Mineoka, Norito Katoh, Kazuhito Yoneda, Yuko Cho, Saburo Kishimoto

Article Contact immunotherapy-induced Renbök phenomenon in a patient with alopecia areata and psoriasis vulgaris (p.126-7)
Taisuke Ito, Hideo Hashizume, Masahiro Takigawa

Article Oral lichenoid eruption associated with imatinib treatment (p.127-8)
Cristina Gómez Fernández, Elena Sendagorta Cudós, Beatriz Casado Verrier, Marta Feito Rodríguez, Judith Suárez Aguado, Carmen Vidaurrázaga Díaz de Arcaya

Article Palisaded neutrophilic granulomatous dermatitis in systemic lupus erythematosus with a butterfly rash-like lesion (p.128-9)
Noriyuki Misago, Hisako Inoue, Takuya Inoue, Kohei Nagasawa, Yutaka Narisawa

Article Mycosis fungoides plantaris (p.129-30)
Gemma Márquez Balbás, Angeles Sola Casas, Maribel Iglesias Sancho, Manuel Sánchez-Regaña, Loida Galvany Rossell, Elisabet Dilmé Carreras, Joaquim Sola Ortigosa, Pablo Umbert Millet

Article Primary cutaneous extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type, in an adolescent (p.130-1)
Ping Wang, Yan Sun, Zhaoming Wang, Aie Xu

Article Pedunculated clear cell acanthoma. Report of a case with dermoscopic observation (p.132-3)
Takamitsu Tanaka, Takako Arai, Takeko Ishikawa, Takamitsu Ohnishi, Shinichi Watanabe

Article Fibroepithelioma of Pinkus: poor response to topical photodynamic therapy (p.133-4)
Min Young Park, You Chan Kim

Article Zoon’s balanitis treated with imiquimod 5% cream (p.134-5)
Barbara Marconi, Anna Campanati, Oriana Simonetti, Andrea Savelli, Luca Conocchiari, Alfredo Santinelli, Eleonora Pisa, Annamaria Offidani

Article Granulomatous reaction after an aesthetic electroporation procedure (p.135-6)
Clara De Simone, Teresa Sisto, Selenia Vallone, Angelo Carbone, Maurizio Rotoli, Pierluigi Amerio

Article Segmentally-arranged cutaneous mucinosis ranging from papulonodules to sclerotic pigmented macules (p.136-7)
Yujiro Hayashi, Eri Araki, Yosuke Yagi, Miyachi Yoshiki, Atsushi Utani