European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 16, numéro 6, November-December 2006


Volume 16, numéro 6, November-December 2006

European Dermatology Forum

Article Guidelines for the management of actinic keratoses (p.599-606)
Eggert Stockfleth, Helmut Kerl


Article Clinical pictures and classification of somatoform disorders in dermatology (p.607-14)
W Harth, B Hermes, V Niemeier, U Gieler

Genes and skin

Article A glycine substitution in the COL7A1 gene causes mild RDEB in a Pakistani family (p.615-9)
Liv Kraemer, Muhammad Wajid, Angela M Christiano

Article Epidermolysis bullosa simplex with mottled pigmentation due to de novo P25L mutation in keratin 5 in an Italian patient (p.620-2)
Monica Pascucci, Patrizia Posteraro, Cristina Pedicelli, Alessia Provini, Luigi Auricchio, Mauro Paradisi, Daniele Castiglia

Investigative report

Article Profiling lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood under efalizumab treatment of psoriasis by multi epitope ligand cartography (MELC) robot microscopy (p.623-35)
Bernd Bonnekoh, Yanina Malykh, Raik Böckelmann, Sebastian Bartsch, Ansgar J Pommer, Harald Gollnick

Article Toll-like receptors 2, 4 and 9 expression in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (mycosis fungoides and Sézary syndrome) (p.636-41)
V Jarrousse, G Quereux, S Marques-Briand, A-C Knol, A Khammari, B Dreno


Article Randomized, comparative trial on the sustained efficacy of topical imiquimod 5% cream versus conventional ablative methods in external anogenital warts (p.642-8)
Helmut Schöfer, Arndt Van Ophoven, Ulrike Henke, Tamara Lenz, Angelika Eul

Article Emedastine difumarate versus loratadine in chronic idiopathic urticaria: a randomized, double-blind, controlled European multicentre clinical trial (p.649-54)
Annik Pons-Guiraud, Kristof Nekam, J Lahovsky, Angela Costa, Andrea Piacentini

Article Xenovaccinotherapy for melanoma (p.655-61)
Victor I Seledtsov, Alexey A Shishkov, Mariya A Surovtseva, Denis M Samarin, Galina V Seledtsova, Natalya A Niza, Dmitriy V Seledtsov

Clinical report

Article Prevalence of sexually transmitted infections in female sex workers in Athens, Greece − 2005 (p.662-5)
H Papadogeorgaki, C Caroni, E Frangouli, A Flemetakis, A Katsambas, M Hadjivassiliou

Article Association of hypogammaglobulinemia with DRESS (Drug Rash with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms) (p.666-8)
Olivia Boccara, Laurence Valeyrie-Allanore, Béatrice Crickx, Vincent Descamps

Article Generalized pustular psoriasis (Zumbusch): a French epidemiological survey (p.669-73)
Frédéric Augey, Philippe Renaudier, Jean-François Nicolas

Article Oral mucosa manifestations in 100 pregnant versus non-pregnant patients: an epidemiological observational study (p.674-6)
Evren Sarifakioglu, Canan Gunduz, Canan Gorpelioglu

Article HIV - associated and non - HIV associated types of Kaposi’s sarcoma in an African population in Tanzania. Status of immune suppression and HHV-8 seroprevalence (p.677-82)
G Wamburu, EJ Masenga, EZ Moshi, P Schmid-Grendelmeier, W Kempf, CE Orfanos

Article Infantile erythema elevatum diutinum: report of a vesiculo-bullous case (p.683-6)
Carlo Tomasini, Zelda Seia, Paolo Dapavo, Elisabetta Soro, Chiara Addese, Mario Pippione

Article Subcorneal pustulosis and Pyoderma gangrenosum associated with a biclonal gammopathy (p.687-90)
I Puechguiral-Renaud, O Carpentier, F Piette, E Delaporte


Article Metastatic basal cell carcinoma: is infiltrative/morpheaform subtype a risk factor? (p.691-2)
Kresimir Bozikov, Ian Taggart

Article Linear IGA dermatosis associated with ulcerative colitis (p.692-3)
Montse Fernándezguarino, Esther Martín Sáez, Rosario Carrillo Gijón, Bibiana Pérez García, Pedro Jaén Olasolo

Article Paclitaxel-induced nail changes: possible role of its vehicle (cremophor el) (p.693-4)
E. Minutilli, F. Izzo, G. Natoli, A. Psaila, F. DI Filippo, E. Terzoli

Article Generalized eruptive histiocytoma: a pediatric case (p.694-5)
Arzu Kiliç, Seray Külcü Çakmak, Müzeyyen Gönül, Ülker Gül, Özlem Demirel, Murat Demiriz

Article Half-and-half nail in a case of pellagra (p.695-6)
Seray Külcü Çakmak, Müzeyyen Gönül, Erkan Aslan, Ülker Gül, Arzu Kiliç, Aylin Okçu Heper

Article Reactive perforating collagenosis with cutaneous cytomegalovirus infection (p.696-7)
Noriko Yamashita, Daisuke Watanabe, Hiroaki Ozawa, Hiromichi Takama, Yasuhiko Tamada, Kazuo Hara, Yoshinari Matsumoto

Article Nevus comedonicus syndrome in a woman with Paget bone disease and breast cancer: a mere coincidence? (p.697-8)
Miguel Martinez, Patricia Levrero, Carlos Bazzano, Alejandra Larre Borges, Griselda DE Anda

Article Paraneoplastic pemphigus with pemphigus vegetans-like lesions revealing non-Hodgkin lymphoma (p.698-9)
A. Duparc, S. Boivin, D. Gilbert, F. Piette, E. Delaporte

Article Toxic epidermal necrolysis due to omeprazole (p.699-700)
M. Casacci, D. Lebas, F. Decamps, F. Fourrier, E. Delaporte

Article Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus-like chronic graft-versus-host disease (p.700-1)
Aradhna Saxena, David A. Kasper, Cynthia Webster, Jason B. Lee

Article Azithromycin is not effective in the treatment of old world cutaneous leishmaniasis (p.701-2)
Ali Z. Momeni, Ali Shafiei, Morteza Emamjoeh, Malihalsadat Aminjavaheri, Amir Momeni

Article Treatment of Gottron papules of dermatomyositis with pulsed dye laser (p.702-3)
M. Calvo Pulido, P. Boixeda DE Miquel, E. Martín Saez, M. Fernandez Guarino, C. García-Millán

Article Unilateral erythema nodosum-like lesions and superficial thrombophlebitis together with ipsilateral thrombosis of the vena femoralis in Behçet’s disease (p.703-4)
Ayse Akman, Ertan Yilmaz, M. Akif Ciftcioglu, Erkan Alpsoy