John Libbey Eurotext

European Journal of Dermatology


Management of skin ageing: How to combine cosmetic procedures Volume 18, numéro 4, July-August 2008

Unité de cancérologie cutanée, Hôtel-Dieu, Place Alexis Ricordeau, 44093 Nantes cedex 01, France, Bertini Strasse 4, 14 469 Postdam, Germany, V. Cesare Parese 300, 00 144 Roma, Italy, 2, rue du Cherche Midi, 75 006 Paris, France, Centro de Dermatologia, Cosmética y Láser, Menendez Pelayo 67, 28009 Madrid, Spain

Skin ageing may be physiological and/or a result of photoageing. To provide comprehensive management of ageing skin, it is essential to make a thorough diagnosis before any therapeutic decision is made. The most appropriate treatment(s) may then be offered to the patient. This comprehensive approach to care requires knowledge of the mechanisms of skin ageing and the advantages and drawbacks of the different therapeutic approaches available, in order to arrive at the best therapeutic strategy and to meet patient expectations. There are very many different therapeutic approaches, and in the context of work by a group of European experts it seems appropriate to propose a therapeutic strategy for the overall management of skin ageing to help dermatologists in their daily work with patients. This therapeutic strategy is based both on an analysis of the literature and the personal experience of the experts.