European Journal of Dermatology


Fish pedicure-induced foot mycobacteriosis infection due to Mycobacterium marinum: a first case report Volume 27, numéro 3, May-June 2017


  • Figure 1
1 Dermatology Unit, Sainte Elisabeth Hospital,
Place Louise Godin, 5000 Namur,
2 Department of Pathology,
Institut de Pathologie et de Génétique,
6041 Gosselies, Belgium

A previously healthy 21-year-old male patient presented at the dermatology department due to an asymptomatic hard, rough-brownish erythematous plaque on the dorsum of his left foot, extending into a circular lesion that had developed during the past four weeks after a public fish pedicure in Bangkok, Thailand (figure 1). The patient did not immerse his feet in the sea or in any other water during his holiday. Local treatment with corticosteroids was used twice daily for two weeks before his presentation [...]