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European Journal of Dermatology


Erysipeloid Hodgkin lymphoma Volume 24, numéro 4, Juillet-Août


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1 Department of pathology LCAP, Pasteur Hospital, 30 avenue de la voie romaine, 06002 Nice, France
2 Department of dermatology and infectious diseases,
4 Department of internal medicine, Bonnet Hospital, Frejus, France
3 Medipath Frejus-Saint Raphaël, Pathology Center, Frejus, France

Cutaneous involvement in the course of Hodgkin lymphoma is rare. To our knowledge, we present the first case of Hodgkin lymphoma presenting with an erysipelas-like manifestation.An 84-year-old woman was referred to the infectious disease department with a suspicion of cellulitis of the left upper limb and left breast.The patient was febrile and diaphoretic. Local examination showed warm, erythematous, painful oedema of the left breast and the left arm (figure 1A), with bilateral painful, tender, [...]