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Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita in a patient with psoriasis vulgaris Article à paraître


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1 Tama-nagayama Hospital
Nagayama 1-7-1,
Tama, 206-0025 Tokyo, Japan
2 Kurume University School of Medicine
and Kurume University Institute
of Cutaneous Cell Biology, Kurume,
Fukuoka 830-0011, Japan

Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita (EBA) is a rare subepidermal autoimmune bullous disease (ABD) due to tissue-bound and circulating IgG autoantibodies to type VII collagen, which is the main constituent of anchoring fibrils located at the dermal- epidermal junction [1]. The coexistence of psoriasis vulgaris (PV) and ABD has been previously reported [2, 3]. Among these blistering diseases, bullous pemphigoid (BP) is the most frequent [3]. In anti-lamininγ1 pemphigoid, formerly known as anti-p200 pemphigoid, [...]