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European Journal of Dermatology


Association between HCV infection and cutaneous-mucosal lichen planus: an update Volume 27, numéro 3, May-June 2017


1 Outpatient Department of Vulvar Disease,
Pisa University Hospital,
Via Roma, 67-56126 Pisa,
2 Department of Gynaecologic-Obstetrical and Urologic Sciences,
Sapienza University Hospital of Rome, viale del Policlinico,
155-00161, Rome, Italy
3 Division of Dermatology,
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine,
Via Roma 67, Pisa,
4 Department of Gynecology,
University of Rome “Campus Bio-Medico”,
Via Alvaro del Portillo, 200, 00128, Rome,
5 Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2,
Pisa University Hospital, Via Roma, 67-56126 Pisa,

Lichen planus (LP) is a chronic inflammatory disease mainly involving skin, oral and genital mucosa [1, 2]. The reported prevalence in the general population is 0.1-4% [1, 2], with a predilection for women in the fifth to sixth decade of life [2].LP is considered a T-cell-mediated autoimmune disease, but researchers have not yet identified the triggering antigen of the T-lymphocyte immune response [2]. Proposed aetiological factors are genetic and psychological causes, auto-immune mechanisms, allergies, [...]