European Cytokine Network


Interleukin-18: biological properties and clinical implications Volume 11, numéro 1, March 2000

Luti/Laboratoire de Recherche Chirurgicale, Bât. Gustave-Roussy, 3e étage, Hôpital Cochin, 27, rue du Faubourg-St-Jacques, 75014 Paris, France. sophie.lebel-binay@cochin.univ-paris5.fr

INTRODUCTION Several findings indicate that an appropriate combination of cytokines and immunocompetent cells is required to mount a successful immune response. More than ten years ago, T. Mosmann et al. demonstrated that T helper (Th) cells can be divided in two populations with contrasting and cross-regulating cytokine profiles [1]. The distinctive cytokine production profile of Th1 and Th2 cells is associated with distinct immune functions. [...]