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Cytokine-inducing activity of a proline-rich polypeptide complex (PRP) from ovine colostrum and its active nonapeptide fragment analogs Volume 12, numéro 3, September 2001

Department of Immunochemistry, Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy, Polish Academy of Sciences, 12 R.Weigla, 53 114 Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Page(s) : 462-7
  • Année de parution : 2001

INTRODUCTION A proline-rich polypeptide (PRP) was isolated from ovine colostrum by Janusz et al. [1, 2]. The polypeptide showed immunoregulatory properties inducing maturation and differentiation of murine thymocytes, and affected humoral and cellular immune responses, both in vivo and in vitro [2-4]. PRP was able to reduce high, and to elevate low humoral immune responses to SRBC in mice [3]. The net effect of PRP depended on the actual [...]