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Texte intégral de l'article
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Comparison of LDL-cholesterol results calculated by using apolipoprotein A1, B or HDL-cholesterol for classification of noncchylomicronemic dyslipemia

Annales de Biologie Clinique. Volume 57, Number 3, 345-50, Mai - Juin 1999, Articles originaux

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Author(s) : V. Szmidt-Adjidé, A. Campier, B. Pileire

Summary : The aim of the study was to establish a relation between HDLc and ApoA1, in order to calculate LDLc by using these ApoA1 values. The results were compared to estimations obtained with Friedewald's formula from HDLc concentrations, and with Planella's formula based on ApoB. LDLc values calculated with Friedewald's formula, Planella's formula or the new one were not very different and were clinically acceptable for a phenotypic classification of dyslipemia. LDLc concentrations could be calculated either from HDLc, ApoB or ApoA1, if the present results are confirmed on a larger number of patients.

Keywords : Dyslipemia ­ Apolipoproteins ­ HDL-cholesterol ­ LDL-cholesterol


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