Néphrologie & Thérapeutique


Erratum to “Averting the legacy of kidney disease–Focus on childhood” [Nephrol. Ther. 12 (1) (2016) 1–5] Volume 12, numéro 4, Juillet 2016


CKDESRDEtiologyPercentage (range)EtiologyPercentage (range)CAKUT48–59CAKUT34–43GN5–14GN15–29HN10–19HN12–22HUS2–6HUS2–6Cystic5–9Cystic6–12Ischemic2–4Ischemic2Rare causes include congenital NS, metabolic diseases, cystinosis. Miscellaneous causes depend on how such entities are classified. CAKUT: congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract; GN: glomerulonephritis; HN: hypertension; HUS: hemolytic uremic syndrome. From Harambat et al. CKD data are from NAPRTCS, the Italian Registry and the [...]