L'aménagement du domicile des personnes âgées est-il bénéfique ? Une revue systématique de la littérature Volume 11, numéro 1, Janvier 2015

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Among 920 papers which were found and evaluated according to CONSORT grid, 16 trials and 4 meta-analyzes were included in this review. Home adjustment is effective in the prevention of falls for patients with severe visual impairment (high level of evidence) and among fallers (intermediate level). It is beneficial in preserving the autonomy in patients with a loss of autonomy (intermediate level of evidence). In all these situations, the beneficial interventions are conducted by an occupational therapist. Further studies are needed to clarify the risk-benefit on other criteria (mortality, independence, quality of life) and other patient populations such as those with Alzheimer disease or at high risk for falls. The adjustments made by other carers than occupational therapists remain to be evaluated.