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Innovations & Thérapeutiques en Oncologie


Le rôle du traumatisme dans le cancer : applications pratiques. Extraits d'études de cas sur la psychologie clinique du cancer Volume 5, numéro 3, Mai-Juin 2019

PhD, Doctor in clinical psychology and psychopathology
Former director of teaching of psychopathology at University Paris 7
Expert at court & international criminal court
Medical Oncology Unit, Group Pitié-Salpêtrière-Charles Foix
47-83, boulevard de l’Hôpital 75013 Paris
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Case n̊1 Bénédicte was a 40-year-old woman who came to see me for consultation, and said “I’ve been sent to see you, I cracked up a little during my last consultation with the oncologist, I have breast cancer, I’ve been told it's nothing serious. I’m lucky, I only have radiotherapy”. This young woman looked shy and reserved. She seemed as frail on the outside as fragile inside. Her voice was almost inaudible and she barely looked at me when she spoke, [...]