Dynamique moléculaire de la transformation des progéniteurs myéloïdes Volume 29, numéro 1, Janvier-Février 2023


1 Équipe 2, C3M, Inserm U1065, Nice, France
2 Institut de génétique et développement de Rennes (IGDR), Université Rennes 1, CNRS, UMR6290, Inserm ERL U1305, Rennes, France
* Tirés à part : ML Arcangeli
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  Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) is the most common acute leukaemia in adults. AML results from the accumulation of abnormal immature myeloid progenitors, also called blasts, that are blocked in their differentiation. AML is a very heterogeneous disease with more than a dozen of genetically distinct entities (See new AML classification from [1]). Each genetically distinct AML subgroup is generally defined by gene mutations and/or alterations related to its aggressiveness, and is associated to [...]