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Epileptic Disorders

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Exceptional response to brivaracetam in a patient with refractory idiopathic generalized epilepsy and absence seizures Volume 20, numéro 1, February 2018


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1 Department of Neurology,
2 Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, General Hospital of Albacete, Spain
* Correspondence: Alberto Grande Martín General Hospital of Albacete, C/ Hermanos Falcó, s/n 02006 Albacete, Spain
  • Mots-clés : antiepileptic drug, brivaracetam, idiopathic generalized epilepsy, absence seizure, EEG
  • DOI : 10.1684/epd.2017.0939
  • Page(s) : 60-4
  • Année de parution : 2018

Brivaracetam is currently indicated as adjunctive therapy for patients with focal-onset seizures with or without secondary generalization. However, it has been suggested that it could provide broad-spectrum efficacy given its similarity to levetiracetam and based on the results from preclinical studies and others of patients with generalized epilepsy. We present the case of a woman with refractory idiopathic generalized epilepsy and absence seizures with dramatic response to brivaracetam. Our report supports a consideration of treatment with this new antiepileptic drug on a case-by-case basis in patients with refractory generalized epilepsy, while we await further studies on this topic.