John Libbey Eurotext

Bilateral occipital dysplasia, seizure identification, and ablation: a novel surgical technique Volume 16, numéro 2, June 2014


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1 Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas
2 University of Texas Southwest, Austin, Texas, USA
* Correspondence: Dave F. Clarke Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas, 1301 Barbara Jordan Blvd, Suite 200 Austin, TX 78723, USA

MRI-guided thermal ablation is a relatively new technique utilising heat to ablate both tumours and epileptogenic lesions. Its use against epilepsy offers some patients a new and relatively safe way of reducing or aborting seizures. Most cases of MRI-guided thermal ablation have been performed in patients with isolated lesions. Placement of depth electrodes prior to laser ablation has been rarely performed. We present a case with bilateral independent lesions traversing eloquent cortex, which, after sampling for seizures and successful ablation, retained normal function. The patient is, to date, seizure-free.