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Atypical semiology of rolandic epilepsy in some related syndromes Volume 2, supplément 4, Supplément 1, Décembre 2000

Child Neurology and Metabolic Diseases Department, Hôpital Robert-Debré, 48, boulevard Sérurier, 78019 Paris
  • Page(s) : 5-9
  • Année de parution : 2001

The typical seizures of benign rolandic epilepsy (BRE) are fairly stereotyped and well characterized. The most classical are facial sensorimotor seizures often with involvement of oropharyngeal muscles which occur mostly in relation to sleep. Focal seizures involving the upper limb or, rarely, the lower limb or unilateral seizures are sometimes observed. Generalized seizures are present in 20-30% of patients. They are almost always nocturnal [...]