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European Journal of Dermatology


Circumscribed palmar hypokeratosis with sweating disturbance: successful treatment with a heparinoid-containing moisturizer Volume 29, numéro 5, September-October 2019


  • Figure 1
Department of Dermatology, National Defense Medical College, 3-2 Namiki, Tokorozawa 359-8513, Saitama, Japan

A 67-year-old Japanese woman presented with a five-year history of an asymptomatic erythematous plaque on her palm. Physical examination showed a slightly depressed, reddish, hypokeratotic plaque, 9.5 mm x 11.0 mm, with a well-defined raised border on her left hypothenar region (figure 1A). Histopathologically, an abrupt thinning of the horny layer (a sharp stair-like appearance) with mild acanthosis was observed (figure 1B). Sweat ducts in the stratum corneum were swollen compared with normal areas [...]