John Libbey Eurotext

Bulletin du Cancer


Medical practices and cancer care networks: examples in oncology Volume 93, numéro 2, Février 2006

Centre Léon Bérard, 28, rue Laennec, 69008 Lyon, France, Gresac (LASS-CNRS FRE 2747), 28, rue Laennec 69008 Lyon, France, Institut de Cancérologie de la Loire, 42000 Saint-Etienne, France, Centre hospitalier, BP 1125, 73011 Chambéry, France, Centre hospitalier, 28, rue Charlieu, 42300 Roanne, France, Clinique de Rillieux, 941 rue Capitaine-Julien, 69140 Rillieux, France, Centre Val d’Aurelle, 34094 Montpellier Cedex, France, Fédération nationale des centres de lutte contre le cancer, 101, rue Tolbiac, 75654 Paris, France

Understanding medical practices or the whys and wherefores of care decision-making is among the major objectives of medical, economic and sociological research in the current political environment. Although variations of medical practice have long been known to exist, causes and deciding factors remain obscure. This is one of the reasons why medical auditing became widely used in the past years. Using methods similar to those of clinical research, we will explore existing medical practices and their implications, with the aim to propose possible improvements. Elaborating clinical practice guidelines and promoting cancer network activities might prove promising and have a significant impact on clinical practice. This article provides a state-of-the-art overview of the subject, notably in the domain of oncology where substantial advances are being made.