John Libbey Eurotext

Bulletin du Cancer


Expression of PTEN, cyclin D1, P27/KIP1 in invasive ductal carcinomas of the breast and correlation with clinicopathological parameters Volume 93, numéro 2, Février 2006

Karaelmas University Faculty of medicine, Department of internal medicine and medical oncology, 67600, Zonguldak, Turkey

In this study, tumour tissue samples of 85 primary breast cancer patients were evaluated for phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome ten (PTEN), cyclin D1 and P27/Kip1 expression patterns. The results were correlated with clinicopathological parameters. Loss of PTEN protein expression was present in 32.5% of the cases. Cyclin D1 was overexpressed in 54.2% and P27/Kip1 in 89.3% of the cases. Statistically significant associations were found between PTEN and cyclin D1 expression patterns, and cyclin D1 expression and tumour size.