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Diagnostic inattendu d’infection à Enterobius vermicularis par analyse du sédiment urinaire sur sediMAX conTRUST PRO Article à paraître


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Department of Laboratory Medicine, Groupe Santé CHC, Bd Patience et Beaujonc 2, Liège 4000 Belgium
* Correspondence S. Herens

We herein report the case of a 3 years-old girl who came at the Emergency-department of Clinique CHC MontLégia in Liège (Belgium) for pain on urination without other symptoms. The overall state was good. Property was not acquired yet. Antecedents were without particularities.Physical examination was normal but a mild tenderness to suprapubic palpation and an erythematous vulva.Two urine samples were collected in the evening: the first one was doubtful (leucocyte esterase +++, 32 white blood cells [...]