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Lymphome du manteau blastoïde avec expression aberrante du CD10 Article à paraître


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1 University of Lille, CNRS, Inserm, CHU Lille, IRCL, UMR9020 – UMR1277 - Canther – Cancer Heterogeneity, Plasticity and Resistance to Therapies, Lille, France
2 Laboratory of Hematology, CHU Lille, Lille, France
3 Hematology department, CH Lens, Lens,France
4 Laboratory of Hematology, CH Lens, Lens, France
* Correspondence

A 81-year-old man was referred to our department for circulating blast on a systematic blood count without tumor syndrome. Complete blood count showed: white blood cells (WBC) 4.9 x 109/L, hemoglobin 108 g/L and platelet count 171 x 109/L. The differential count in the peripheral blood was 55% neutrophils, 9% lymphocytes, 10% monocytes, 2% eosinophils and 23% of abnormal cells with blastic morphology (figure 1A-C).The bone marrow aspiration shows a normal richness without excess blasts but with 27.5% [...]