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Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux

Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux

Volume 31, issue 3, May-June 2019


Volume 31, issue 3, May-June 2019


Article News (p.99-103)


Article Oedema associated with chronic venous disorders: role of compression therapy (p.104-8)
Didier Rastel

Article How I treat an isolated distal deep vein thrombosis? (p.109-11)
Khalid Serraj, Houda Bachir, Siham Hamaz, Habiba Alaoui, Rachel Mourot-Cottet, Olivier Keller, Emmanuel Andrès

Article Which physical activities in Marfan syndrome? (p.112-6)
Elisa Lallmahomed, Emmanuel Sorbets

Cas clinique/Clinical case

Article A rare cause of secondary unilateral lymphedema of the lower limbs: an iliac artery leiomyosarcoma (p.117-20)
Bruno Burcheri, Hugo Burcheri

Arrêts sur image/Images in cardiovascular medicine

Article Acute myocardial infarction on coronary aneurysmal involvement: think about Behçet's disease (p.121-4)
Abdellatif Ezzouak, Alae Lagzeri, Sara Aouam, Mehdi Baya, Moulay Mehdi Badidi

Article Chronic venous insufficiency and groin heroin injections (p.125-7)
Jean-Marc Pernès, Pierre Ouvry

Trucs et astuces en endovasculaire/Envovascular: tips and tricks

Article Stent placement of inferior vena cava obstruction secondary to digestive neuroendocrine tumour (p.128-34)
Jean-Marc Pernès, Ramon Labbé, Julien Ganem, Laurent Arrault

Article Percutaneous retrieval of totally implantable catheter migration: case report and review of the literature (p.135-9)
Julien Cazejust, Mario Auguste, Sébastian Tavolaro