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Cervical lymph node tuberculosis in Libreville: Epidemiology, diagnosis, and therapy Volume 21, issue 3, Juil-Août-Sept


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Faculté de médecine de Libreville Hôpital pédiatrique d’Owendo Département de pédiatrie BP 1208 Libreville Gabon, Faculté de médecine de Libreville Département d’ORL BP 1208 Libreville Gabon

Objectives: To analyse the epidemiological, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of cervical lymph node tuberculosis (TB) in Libreville. Material and methods: This retrospective descriptive multicentre study included all 140 patients with complete files who were treated for cervical lymph node TB from 2001 through 2006, regardless of whether TB was found at any other site. Results: A slight predominance of men was observed. The infected lymph nodes were most often located at the posterior triangle of the neck. Histological proof was obtained for 81 patients. We recorded 94 cures, 4 cases of therapeutic failure, 34 patients lost to follow-up and 8 deaths. Conclusion: Cervical lymph node tuberculosis is a common ailment. Excisional lymph node biopsy has a twofold interest —therapeutic and diagnostic. It is based on histological examination, which must henceforth be systematic. Tuberculosis is a major HIV-related opportunistic infection and must be screened for or monitored at every HIV check-up.