Analysis of different mixtures of herbs for sleep disorders marketed in France and abroad Volume 14, issue 2, Avril 2016


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The objective of this work was to analyze the many herbal mixtures for sleep disorders, which are marketed in France and abroad. This analysis is based on a palette of 113 recipes was carried out by observing the different characteristics of these mixtures. Initially, the proportion of each plant in the mixtures was observed, as that information was contained. Indeed, this work has been to highlight the absence of information on the percentage of each plant in certain mixtures. In addition, inaccuracies regarding the name of certain plants could be observed. After this initial phase of analysis, observations were carried on plants that occur most frequently in these blends (lemon balm, bitter orange, hawthorn, passionflower, valerian), and combinations of these plants together. Here, a predominance of couples: hawthorn / bitter orange, bitter orange / passion flower, passion flower / hawthorn, appeared.

This work helped identify differences in the plants used, depending on the country from which the mixture. Moreover, it shows that only 5 plants are very commonly used today among the many plants known for their beneficial effect on sleep disorders. And parallel, many plants present in mixtures, have not, prima facie, no contribution in terms of treatment of sleep disorders.