L'Orthodontie Française

L'Orthodontie Française

Volume 93, issue 3, Septembre 2022


Volume 93, issue 3, Septembre 2022

L’Orthodontie Française

Article Assessment of soft-tissue vs hard-tissue changes after isolated functional genioplasty (p.213-33)
Sylvain Chamberland, Noé Nataf

Article Orthognathic surgery and nasal obstruction (p.237-48)
Cédric Alande, Clair Vandersteen, Emmanuel Masson Regnault

Article Comparative study of excess glue around metallic APC™ Flash-Free adhesive system (p.249-58)
Roula Akl, Joseph Ghoubril, Geneviève Zgheib, Michel Le Gall, Camille Philip-Alliez

Article Study of the success rate in bonding attachments with two different composites (p.259-65)
Pierre Couraud

Article Nasomaxillary Expansion by Endoscopically-Assisted Surgical Expansion (EASE): An airway centric approach (p.267-82)
Kasey Li, Tomonori Iwasaki, Stacey Quo, Eileen B. Leary, Connor Li, Christian Guilleminault

En accès libre Primary failure of eruption and tooth resorption (p.283-8)
Céline Stutz, Delphine Wagner, Catherine-Isabelle Gros, Amira Sayeh, Hervé Gegout, Sabine Kuchler-Bopp, Marion Strub
Free Access

Article Dentoskeletal effects of the maxillary splint headgear in the early correction of Class II malocclusion (p.289-300)
José Augusto M. Miguel, Caterina Masucci, Luciana Quintanilha Pires Fernandes, Flavia Artese, Lorenzo Franchi, Veronica Giuntini