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Les sourires difficiles ou la 17e clef du sourire Volume 79, issue 4, Décembre 2008

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With help of a completed 17 keys analysis system it is now really possible to position quite easily the teeth in one's face, to really build a harmonious, well balanced, and attractive smile: the so much coveted "star-smile"! And to get a really complete method, the ageing component of the face's soft tissues is also analyzed and used. But one has to know that unfortunately there are some limits. And all our patients will not reach this fantastic wish. There are some special situations where the teeth anatomy, the shape and lip thickness, the size of the mouth, and the ratios of all these elements do not match. Thus, it is absolutely not possible to reach the harmonious smile. The author here describes some of these special situations, and tries to bring some therapeutic solutions, to reduce their unpleasantness.