L'Orthodontie Française


Les différentes familles de colles composites : présentation et expérimentation Volume 73, issue 1, Mars 2002


Today, manufacturers provide the orthodontist with a range of adhesive systems which is so wide that is often difficult for the orthodontist to make his choice between them. The adhesive systems fall into four categories :

- traditional hydrophobic bonding systems,

- hydrophilic bonding systems,

- self-etching bonding systems,

- resin-modified glass ionomer-cements.

This article will attempt to examine the first three categories which correspond to those of the composite bonding systems. Following a presentation of bonding assembling and of the required specification of the bonding systems used in orthodontic practice, the three composite bonding systems will be examined along with their advantages / disadvantages before a closing description of the corresponding clinical protocol to be followed. Whenever one of our laboratory experiments enables us to provide experimental evidence, a presentation is made within the related chapters.