Revue de neuropsychologie

Revue de neuropsychologie

Volume 14, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2022


Volume 14, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2022

Éditorial / Editorial

En accès libre The neuropsychology of intervention 3.0. Episode II (p.75-6)
Arnaud Saj, Eduardo Cisneros, Émilie Lacroix
Free Access

Mini-revue / Short review

Article Brain biomarkers in neuropsychology and psychopathology in clinical practice (p.77-80)
Mehdi Aoun Sebaïti

Articles de synthèse / Reviews

Article Virtual reality in the hands of clinical neuropsychologists (p.81-8)
Maïté Camara Lopez, Sébastien Serlet

Article Immersive virtual reality for the neurorehabilitation of social cognition deficits: Technology fad or true opportunity? (p.89-98)
Marie Pittet, Peggy d’Honincthun, Arseny A. Sokolov

En accès libre The contribution of virtual reality to cognitive intervention for individuals with neurodegenerative disease or at risk (p.99-107)
Arnaud Boujut, Benjamin Boller
Open Access

Article The foundations of 3D-MOT as a cognitive enhancement tool (p.109-20)
Brendan Parsons

Article Rehabilitation of post-stroke aphasia: Approach 2.0 (p.121-31)
Anca Vochin, Simona Maria Brambati, Arnaud Saj

Article original / Original article

Article Improvement in peripheral visual attentional performance in professional soccer players following a single neurofeedback training session (p.133-8)
Sacha Assadourian, Antony Branco Lopes, Arnaud Saj

Vie de la SNLF / News of the SNLF

Article News and forthcoming events of SNLF (p.139)
Hélène Amieva