Néphrologie & Thérapeutique


A call for promoting living kidney donation in France in 2023 Volume 19, issue 2, April 2023

1 Hôpital Nord, Centre hospitalier universitaire de Saint-Étienne, service de néphrologie, dialyse et transplantation rénale, Université Jean Monnet, 42055 Saint-Étienne Cedex 2, France
2 Hôpital Édouard Herriot, service de transplantation, néphrologie et immunologie clinique, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon, France
3 Médipôle Lyon-Villeurbanne, Hôpital privé, service de néphrologie, Lyon, France
4 Diaverum Paris, service de néphrologie et dialyse, Hôpital Necker, service de transplantation rénale adulte, Paris
5 Fondation AUB-Santé, Rennes, France
6 Hôpital Mère-Enfant, service de néphrologie-rhumatologie-dermatologie pédiatriques, Lyon, France
7 CHU Sart Tilman, service de néphrologie, dialyse, transplantation, Université de Liège, Liège, Belgique
* Au nom de la commission Transplantation de la SFNDT
Correspondance : C. Mariat

Kidney transplantation from living donors is particularly under-developed in France in comparison with the US and most European countries. Among others, the lack of a proactive and evidence-based communication from French health providers is a potential cause that has been overlooked thus far. With this as a backdrop, the SFNDT Commission of transplantation has elaborated a 10 points-call for promoting living kidney transplantation in France in 2023 with the aims at (1) providing the entire nephrology community with a scientific rationale and (2) strenghtening the conviction of health providers, patients, and their relatives regarding the relevance of this modality of kidney transplantation.