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AHT through shaking, contribution of HAS recommendations on diagnosis and prevention Volume 24, issue 2, April-May-June 2022

1 Hôpitaux de Saint Maurice, Service de rééducation des pathologies neurologiques acquises de l’enfant, 14 rue du val d’Osne, 94410 Saint Maurice
2 Hôpital Raymond Poincaré, Service d’anatomie et cytologie pathologiques - médecine légale, 104 boulevard Raymond Poincaré, 92380 Garches
Correspondance : A. Laurent-Vannier

Non accidental head injury through shaking, the most common and severe AHT in children, is most often repeated. Therefore, for prevention purposes, the diagnosis should be made as soon as possible to avoid recurrence. Recommendations have been established following a rigorous scientific approach. They describe the diagnostic approach to be followed to eliminate differential diagnoses and objectify the lesions and define the diagnostic criteria to be applied at the end, based on objective data: the lesions and the history reported by the adult. The diagnosis is then ruled out, probable or certain. However, the considerable scientific advances on the subject are opposed by an unfounded denialist current, carried by a few, which must be denounced. Indeed, not identifying violence prevents any prevention at the expense of the child and his or her rights, but also of society.

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