Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 28, issue 1, Janvier-Février-Mars 2018


Volume 28, issue 1, Janvier-Février-Mars 2018


Article Médecine et Santé Tropicales: Prospects (p.4)
J.-J. Morand


Article State of the fight against informal market of medicines in Togo: approaches and limitations (p.5-11)
A. Gnassingbe, A. Flahault, A. Geissbuhler, D. Sprumont, A. Awesso


Article Revisiting Ebola, a quiet river in the heart of Africa (p.12-7)
J.P. Gonzalez, N. Wauquier, T. Vincent

En direct

Article 2nd Doctors Without Borders Pediatric Days, Dakar December 15-16, 2017 (p.18-21)
Ayesha Kadir, Laurent Hiffler, Sahar Nejat, Daniel Martinez Garcia

Sur place

Article Preparation needed for the social dimensions of epidemics in Africa: Experience from a training session in Conakry (p.23-7)
A. Desclaux, A. Touré


Article Hépatite E dans les camps (p.28-9)
P. Bourée

Article Intoxication par la tétrodotoxine (p.28-1)
P. Bourée

Article Élévation de l’incidence de Talaromyces marneffei (p.28)
P. Bourée

Article Diarrhées chez l’enfant des bidonvilles (p.29)
P. Bourée

Article Prévalence élevée de Plasmodium vivax (p.29-30)
P. Bourée

Quel est votre diagnostic?

Article Sickle-cell disease with an eruptive appearance? What is your diagnosis? (p.31-2)
J. Iba Ba, I. Nseng Nseng, S. Coniquet, J.B. Boguikouma

Articles originaux

Article Treatment of elephantiasis of the leg by fasciotomy and lymphangiectomy with skin preservation in a resource-limited setting: a case report and review (p.33-6)
K. Kibadi

Article Snake Bites by Bothrops lanceolatus in Martinique (p.37-43)
D. Resiere, M. Hossein, B. Megarbane

Article Persistence of the cholera epidemic in the Tillabery district (Niger): epidemiological analysis of determining factors (p.44-9)
M. Doudou Halidou, A. Arzika, M.L. Manzo, M. Dramaix Wilmet

Article Etiological, therapeutic and prognostic particularities of primary biliary peritonitis in tropical environments (p.50-3)
S. Ouedraogo, M. Windsouri, J.T. Sawadogo, M. Zida, E. Ouangre, S.S. Traore

Article Morbidity and mortality in HIV-infected children on antiretroviral therapy in Togo (p.54-60)
A. Mouhari-Touré, G. Mahamadou, K. Kombate, A.S. Akakpo, J.N. Teclessou, A. Singo, P. Pitché

Article Epidemiology of malignant hemopathies recorded in hospitals in Cameroon (p.61-6)
P.T. Moueleu Ngalagou, E. Ngouadjeu Dongho Tsakeu, F. Ngo Sack, E.C. Eboumbou Moukoko, Y. Konn Jolly, H. Luma

Article Respiratory health of women selling cassava, corn and soybean flour in Lumbumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (p.67-72)
L.K. Ngombe, R.N. Ngatu, C.M. Nyembo, B.K. Ilunga, S.O. Wembonyama, J.B.S. Kakoma, B. Danuser, O.N. Luboya

Article Description of 48 cases of multiple myeloma seen in the hematology laboratory of the CHU-Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, Antananarivo, Madagascar (p.73-5)
M.O.M. Harioly Nirina, A.S. Rasolonjatovo, B.G. Tsifanesy, Z.H. Rakotoarivelo, T.M. Raheritiana, A.O. Rakoto Alson, A. Rasamindrakotroka

Article Pediatric angiostrongyliasis (p.76-81)
F. Lombard, D. Basset, G. Cambonie, P. Bastien, E. Jeziorski

Article Knowledge and practice of Togolese women concerning cervical cancer (p.82-5)
S. Agbo, H.S. Bemanana, K.M. Aziagbenyo, F.M. Lahaye

Article Risk factors for in-hospital maternal mortality in the region of Maradi, Niger (2008-2010: A retrospective study of 7 regional maternity units. (p.86-91)
Ibrahim Alkassoum, Issifou Djibo, Younsa Hama, A. Mohamed Abdoulwahabou, Oumarou Amadou

Article Accessibility of cesarean deliveries in Benin (p.92-6)
V. Mongbo, J. Saïzonou, G. Sopoh, C. Sossa-Jérôme, E.M. Ouendo, I. Godin

Article Evaluation of the use of Home Emergency in a Sub-Sahara African hospital: Example of the Hospital Principal in Dakar (p.97-105)
K.A. Wade, S.I. Ndong, M.B. Kounta, D.T. Ngom, S. OuldEthmane, A. Gassama, F.Y. Bah, B. Diatta

Communication courte

Article Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Senegal: a series of 38 cases at the Aristide Le Dantec University Hospital in Dakar (p.106-8)
S. Diadie, B.A. Diatta, M. Ndiaye, N.B. Seck, S. Diallo, S.O. Niang, M.T. Dieng

Article The antivenom efficacy against a viper bite without medical treatment for 3 days: a case report (p.109-11)
H. Alaoui, Y. Aissaoui, M. Zoubir, M. Boughalem