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Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 26, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2016


Volume 26, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2016

Fonds Français Muskoka

Article The French Muskoka Fund for the health of mothers and children (p.340)
Jean-Marie Milleliri, Jean-Loup Rey

Article Salamatou, Nana and the others (p.341-2)
G. Landrivon, C. Grimaldi

Article Grants by the French Muskoka Fund, by agency and by country (2012-2016) (p.343)

Article Zero infant mortality in Baoulé (p.344)

Article The French Muskoka Fund: origin, objectives, and implementation. The “ONE UN” coordination (p.345-50)
S Aboubaker, C Grimaldi

Article Prudence, 33 years old. Champion of family planning (p.351)

Article Improving the availability of maternal and child healthcare staffOrganizing equitable access to competent healthcare professionals (p.352-5)
L. Codjia

Article “The machine that pulls babies out” (p.356)

Article Quality of care in women's, children's, and adolescent health. Methods for assessing evaluation and implementation in West Africa. Experience in the Côte d’Ivoire (p.357-62)
Y.P. Guie, L. Cisse, G. Saki-Nekouressi, M. Bucagu, G. Landrivon, O. Agbodjan-Prince

Article The ordeal of Haoua, married from the age to 16 to an abuser (p.363)

Article Practice communities: innovative mechanisms for sharing and producing knowledge about health-care systems (p.364)

Article Children, Healh Care, and Pediatrics in West Africa (ENSPEDIA): Research-Action Project to Help Improve the Quality of Care in Pediatrics Departments in West Africa (Benin, Burkina-Faso, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, and Togo) (p.365-6)
Y Jaffré

Article The contribution of the French Muskoka Fund to improving access to essential medicines and priority health products for mothers and children (p.367-70)
C. Macé, J.-B. Nikiema

Article Haoua and Halimé: a victory against malnutrition (p.371)

Article “That's Life!” An Innovative Project (p.372-3)

Article Follow the reporter from the African World who travelled 4000 km from the coast of Senagal to Lake Chad to meet the women of the Sahel (p.374)

Article After Muskoka (p.375-6)
G. Landrivon, S. Aboubaker, T. Nkurunziza, P. Habimana, C. Grimaldi

Articles originaux

Article Breast cancer in women younger than 35 years : features and outcomes in the breast unit at Aristide le Dantec Teaching Hospital, Dakar (p.377-81)
M. Gueye, S.M. Kane Gueye, M.D. Ndiaye Gueye, F. Niasse Dia, O. Gassama, M. Diallo, J.C. Moreau

Article Pregnancy and cirrhosis: four cases at the Lome campus university teaching hospital (Togo) (p.382-5)
A. Bagny, D.A.E. Akolly, L.M. Lawson-Ananisoh, O. Bouglouga, B. Douaguibe, R. El Hadji Yacoubou, S. Koffi, K. Lawson Evi, K.M. Guedenon, Y.D Atakouma, K. Akpadza, D. Redah

Article Risk factors for low birth weight in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (p.386-90)
P.M. Ilunga, O. Mukuku, P.M. Mawaw, A.M. Mutombo, T.K. Lubala, M. Shongo Ya Pongombo, P. Kakudji Luhete, S.O. Wembonyama, A. Mutombo Kabamba, O. Luboya Numbi

Article Psychosocial vulnerability and HIV/AIDS epidemiological situation among people with hearing disabilities in four towns in Cameroon (p.391-5)
C.P. Mboua, A. Touko

Article Prevalence of non-adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy and its related clinical and therapeutic factors in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) (p.396-401)
O. Guira, D.S.R. Kaboré, G. Dao, N. Zagré, T.M. Zohoncon, V. Pietra, J. Simporé

Article Biermer anemia: Hematologic characteristics of 66 patients in a Clinical Hematology Unit at Senegal (p.402-7)
F. Seynabou, N. Fatou Samba Diago, D. Oulimata Diop, S. Abibatou Fall, D. Nafissatou

Article Phytotherapy against buruli ulcer in the Health District of Yamoussoukro (Cote d’Ivoire) : Identification, description, and symbolic functions of the plants and recipes used (p.408-13)
A.A. Adjet, D. Kouame, G. Fokou

Article 2014 Anthrax epidemic in Koubia prefecture, Guinea-Conakry (p.414-8)
M.S. Sow, M.B. Boushab, H. Balde, A. Camara, F.B. Sako, F.A. Traoré, M.O.S. Diallo, M.D. Diallo, M. Keita, A. O. Sylla, T.M. Tounkara, M. Cissé

Article Discoveries about tubercolosis from autopsies: topographical and morphological profiles of lesions in dakar (Senegal) (p.419-22)
I. Thiam, C. Dial, K. Doh, A.M Gaye, G. Woto-Gaye

Article Insecticide resistance in Anopheles mosquitoes : additional obstacles in the battle against malaria (p.423-31)
A. Rubert, L. Guillon-Grammatico, J. Chandenier, I. Dimier-Poisson, G. Desoubeaux

Article Antibiotic therapy and staphylococcal skin infections in a tropical malarial zone (Guyana). Practices in conventional and exceptional situations (p.432-7)
S.-P. Corcostegui, H. Lefort, A. Dia, V. Pommier de Santi, C. Carfantan, J. Galant, E. Lightburne, P. Guénot, X. Deparis, R. Migliani, J.-J. Morand

Article Acute parasitic and other infectious myelopathies in the tropics: 26 cases at the University Hospital in Conakry (p.439-45)
F.A. Cisse, W.A.E. Ekué, L. Barry, S.D. Barry, M.L. Touré, A. Cissé

Communication courte

Article Non-adherence to antiretroviral therapy in patients infected with HIV and cryptococcal meningitis: two cases at the Lambaréné Hospital Center in Gabon (p.446-8)
U.D. Kombila, J. Iba Ba, G. Tsoumbou-Bakana, J.-B. Moussavou Kombila