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Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 25, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2015


Volume 25, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2015


Article Cell phone vs paracetamol (p.117)
Gilles Landrivon


Article More income inequalities means more HIV-AIDS An advocacy for Gini coefficients beside 0.3 (p.118-21)
B. Livinec, S. Kaboré

Article Pediatrics activity in military theatre (p.122-4)
O. Barbier, L. Mathieu, A. Bertani, F. Pons, D. Ollat

En direct

Article Child and Ebola disease A day of study and discussion, Dakar, October 1st 2014 (p.125-9)
C. Desclaux Sall, A. Desclaux


Article Les parasitoses intestinales sont encore fréquentes (p.130)
P. Bourée


Article Straight in the eyes (p.131-2)
E. Diop, V. Beylot, C. Berta, C. Dugardin, L. Aigle

Quel est votre diagnostic

Article A bulky lateral cervical mass (p.133-5)
J. Jarry, L. Raynaud, P. Buisson, C. Blegole Oble

Pharma Trop

Article Treatment of imported Plasmodium falciparum malaria: role of the combination of dihydroartemisinin and piperaquine (p.136-40)
P. Le Garlantezec, C. Richard, H. Broto, C. Rapp


Article Fighting viral hepatitis B and C in Africa Focus on Benin (p.141-4)
N. Kodjoh

History Trop

Article Marisa: a pretty name, a hazardous ally (p.145)
J.L. Rey, B. Sellin

Revue générale

Article Some reflections on the classification of African obstetric fistulas (p.146-55)
M.L. Diakité, K. Ouattara, A. Tembely

Articles originaux

Article Living conditions, nutritional status and morbidity in children in prisons and detention centers in Burkina Faso (p.156-9)
D. Ye, A. Zoma, A. Kabore, C. Yonaba, H. Savadogo, S.A.P. Ouedraogo, L. Dao, F. Koueta

Article Prevalence of hypertension and assessment of its impact on self-rated health in rural populations: a cross-sectional study in northern Senegal (p.160-4)
S.M. Seck, A. Diop-Dia, D. Gueye Dia, L. Gueye

Article Access to health care in Dakar (Senegal): frequency, type of provider, and non-communicable chronic diseases (p.165-71)
P. Duboz, L. Gueye, G. Boetsch, E. Macia

Article Cultural meanings and relations to the world in psychopathological disorders during pregnancy and the puerperium in the Cameroonian context (p.172-6)
C.P. Mboua, N.H. Olga Mboua

Article Ten years of destructive eyeball surgery in Lomé (p.177-9)
K. Vonor, K.M. Amedome, K. Dzidzinyo, K.D. Ayena, M.K.A. Santos, N. Maneh, Y. Tete, K.P. Balo

Article Epidemiological, clinical, and prognostic study of the measles in the Aioun regional hospital in Mauritania (p.180-3)
B.M. Boushab, M. Savadogo, M.S. Sow, S. Dao

Article Panton-Valentine leukocidin-positive osteoarticular infections (p.184-8)
C. Chaouch, S. Kacem, L. Tilouche, S. Ketata, O. Bouallegue, N. Boujaafar

Article Lice in Mali: frequency of infestation, genotyping, infection rate and case management (p.189-93)
A.K. Sangaré, S.N. Doumbo, A.K. Koné, M.A. Thera, A. Dabo, P. Brouqui, D. Raoult, O.K. Doumbo

Article Cesarean deliveries in a district hospital in Ouagadougou Epidemiological, clinical, and prognostic study of 3381 cases (p.194-9)
C.M. Ouédraogo, A. Ouédraogo, A. Ouattara, J. Lankoandé

Article Medical particularities during prolonged demanding activity in a tropical forest Experience of the tropical forest training center (French Guyana) (p.200-5)
P Guénot, H Romain, M Randrianasolo, J Galant, S.-P. Corcostegui, H. Lefort

Article Evaluation of midwives’ practices for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) (p.206-9)
A. Bagny, F. Bathaix Yao, D. Bangoura, D.H. Kouame, H. Kacou Ya Kissi-Anzouan, O. De, K. Diallo, L.M. Lawson-Ananisoh, K.A. Mahassadi, A. Attia Koffi, T. Ndri-Yoman

Article Unsafe abortions in countries that restrict legal abortions Epidemiologic, clinical, and prognostic aspects at the University Hospital Center Yalgado-Ouédraogo of Ouagadougou (p.210-4)
A. Ouattara, A. Ouédraogo, C.M. Ouédraogo, J. Lankoande

Article Epidemiology and outcome of Congolese children who had surgery for heart defects (p.215-9)
E.R. Nika, J.R. Mabiala Babela, E. Moyen, J. Kambourou, A.P.G. Oko, A.B. Pemba Loufoua, A. Mbika Cardorelle, G. Moyen

Communications courtes

Article Maxillary sinus infection by Bacillus licheniformis: a case report from Djibouti (p.220-1)
C. Garcia Hejl, N. Sanmartin, T. Samson, C. Soler, J.-L. Koeck

Article Rabies in children: an often unknown risk among populations at risk (p.222-4)
M. Savadogo, M.B. Boushab