Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 25, issue 1, Janvier-Février-Mars 2015


Volume 25, issue 1, Janvier-Février-Mars 2015


Article Which health systems to fight Ebola and other emergencies in Sub-Saharan Africa (p.5-6)
Ibrahima Socé Fall


Article Which AIDS research in the South? (p.7-8)
J.-L Rey, P. Saliou

En direct

Article 2014 ANRS meeting on AIDS UNAIDS-ANRS Regional workshop in Dakar: Test and Treat (p.9-12)
G. Laborde-Balen, I. Ndoye, B. Taverne

History Trop

Article The “Spanish flu” pandemic of 1918-1919 in La Réunion (Indian Ocean) (p.13-20)
B.-A. Gaüzère, P. Aubry

Lu pour vous

Article Pasteur et Koch Un duel de géants dans le monde des microbes (p.20)
J.M. Milleliri


Article Appendicite : risques de perforation chez les seniors (p.21)
P. Bourée

Article La brucellose est endémique (p.21)
P. Bourée

Article Épidémie de sarcocystose (p.22)
P. Bourée

Article La tungose présente depuis les Incas (p.22)
P. Bourée

Geste sur le terrain

Article Thyroid surgery applicable in developing countries (p.23-8)
G. Pauleau, G. Goin, C. Cazeres, F. Sebag, P. Balandraud


Article An evaluation of Drug Regulatory System in 9 countries of Central Africa (2012) A new use of the WHO Data Collection Tool (p.29-38)
H. Degui, N.F. Dologuele, C. Rochigneux, C.R. Ayenengoye

Articles originaux

Article Management of surgical abdominal emergencies in Kara teaching hospital (Togo): 10-year retrospective study of 594 cases (p.39-43)
I. Kassegne, K. Kanassoua, E.V. Sewa, B. Tchangaï, J. Sambiani, A.E. Ayité, E.D. Dosseh

Article Detection of the IS2404 insertion sequence and ketoreductase produced by Mycobacterium ulcerans in the aquatic Heteroptera in the health districts of Dabou and Tiassalé in Côte d’Ivoire (p.44-51)
K.L. Konan, J.M.C. Doannio, N.G.D. Coulibaly, E. Ekaza, E. Marion, H. Assé, D. Kouassi, K.E. N’Goran, M. Dosso, L. Marsollier, J. Aubry

Article Causes of lymphocytic meningitis in people with HIV admitted to the infectious disease department of Conakry (p.52-5)
F.A. Traoré, Y. Cissoko, T.M. Tounkara, F.B. Sako, A.D. Mouelle, D.O. Kpami, M. Traoré, M. Doumbouya

Article Evaluation of a new polyvalent antivenom against snakebite envenomation (Inoserp® Panafricain) in two different epidemiological settings: Northern Benin and Maritime Guinea (p.56-64)
J.-P. Chippaux, M.C. Baldé, É. Sessinou, M. Yéro Boiro, A. Massougbodji

Article Stomach cancer: Epidemiological, clinical and histological aspects at the Lome Campus teaching hospital (Togo) (p.65-8)
O. Bouglouga, L.M. Lawson-Ananissoh, A. Bagny, L. Kaaga, K. Amegbor

Article The impact of urbanization on malaria infection rate and parasite density in children in the municipality of Yopougon, Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) (p.69-74)
A.B. Koné, I. Tiembré, G. Cissé, A. Diallo, M. Tanner, K.E. N’Goran

Article Children hospitalized with severe malaria in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo): Household characteristics and factors associated with mortalitys (p.75-81)
F. Ilunga-Ilunga, A. Levêque, P. Donnen, M. Dramaix

Article Drug prescriptions: Adherence and understanding in Madagascar (p.82-6)
L. Raharinjatovo, S. Ralandison

Article Role of laparoscopy in the diagnosis of peritoneal tuberculosis in endemic areas (p.87-91)
A. Guirat, N. Affes, H. Rejab, H. Trigui, M. Ben Amar, R. Mzali

Article Results of surgical treatment for pulmonary aspergilloma (p.92-6)
P.S. Ba, A. Ndiaye, S. Diatta, A.G. Ciss, P.A. Dieng, M. Gaye, M.L. Fall, M. Ndiaye

Article 88 years of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Morocco (p.97-101)
S. El Alami, S. Aoufi

Communications courtes

Article Semiological features and risk factors associated with osteoarthritis of the hip in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) (p.102-4)
D.D. Ouédraogo, T. Ouédraogo, H. Tiéno, J. Zabsonré-Tiendrébéogo, C. Pédro, J. Draho

Article Ocular tumors in Togo: epidemiological, clinical, and histopathological features observed at the Lomé Teaching Hospital of Sylvanus Olympio (p.105-6)
K. Vonor, M. Banla, T. Darre, K.D. Ayena, K. Amegbor, K. Dzidzinyo, K.M. Amedome, K.P. Balo

Article Perineoscrotal gangrene after a snake bite: a case report (p.107-9)
B. Tamou Sambo, A. Hodonou, M. Youssouf, H. Fatigba, A. Allode, É. Mensah, J.-P. Chippaux

Article Disseminated histoplasmosis treated by boluses of fluconazole (p.110-1)
C. Mandengue Ebenye, B. Takuefou Mfangam, C. Nouédoui, P.J.A. Atangana