Successful aging: head and legs... Preventing the onset of cognitive deficits? Volume 8, issue 6, Juin 2012

Société Française de Documentation et de Recherche en Médecine Générale

Representations of “age” vary according to context, and are based on a set of values and references that give a meaning to life. Knowing and understanding both this context and its social and environmental determinants can help to use them better in the interest of the person concerned. Among the various indicators of aging, walking speed seems to give a first overall assessment of a potential or incipient fragility, which also helps to remind that it is never too late to start a physical activity... The “cognitive reserve” will become weaker with age, but it may be increased by cognitive stimulation, to offer to any senior: card games, crossword puzzles, various social or intellectual, activities etc. Cognitive stimulation appears to be associated with a reduced risk of dementia (Alzheimer’s or other). It would thus be a specific role, different from the promotion of physical activity and nutritional counseling.