Ameli.fr: A help for general medical consultations and its impact in the doctor-patient relationship Volume 13, issue 6, Juin 2017

Université de Bordeaux
département de médecine générale 146, rue Léo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux Cedex

In a qualitative survey carried out in Tours in 2013 inquiring on the websites consulted by general practitioners, the site ameli.fr appears right after other sites more commonly used such as Cismef, CRAT, Antibioclic. In a more recent study on the websites used by general practitioners in Gironde in consultation it shows up in 4th position. The information contained herein is derived from the recommendations, it is concise and covers the topics most frequently encountered in general medicine.

This study seeks to know how general practitioners of Gironde use the helps to the practice proposed by the site ameli.fr, and to objectify their contribution in the daily exercise.