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Innovations & Thérapeutiques en Oncologie

Innovations & Thérapeutiques en Oncologie

Volume 5, issue 6, November-December 2019


Volume 5, issue 6, November-December 2019


En accès libre The « Ma santé 2022 » Act: why residents’ training should suffer? (p.293-4)
Adrien Procureur, Paul Lesueur
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Sélection et décryptage/Comments and Analysis

Article Comments and analysis (p.295-302)
Jacques Robert

Innovations en cours/Ongoing Innovations

Article Innovation and prospects of nuclear medicine for prostate cancer (p.303-10)
Benoît Erra

Expériences cliniques innovantes/Innovating Clinical Research

Article Systemic treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma: sorafenib is no longer alone! (p.311-7)
Astrid de Maissin, Jérôme Gournay, Tamara Matysiak-Budnik, Jaafar Bennouna, Maëva Salimon, Yann Touchefeu

VIH et cancer/HIV and cancer

Article Drug interactions between antiretroviral and chemo-/ targeted therapy (p.318-22)
Emeline Courtillat, Marianne Veyri, Jean-Philippe Spano, Caroline Solas