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Le Réseau Transition : A national initiative to promote early intervention in early psychosis in adolescents and young adults Volume 95, issue 8, Octobre 2019

Professeur de psychiatrie à l’Université Paris Descartes
Centre d’évaluation du jeune adulte et adolescent (C’Jaad)
Chef du Service hospitalo-universitaire, S14, GHU psychiatrie et neurosciences, Sainte-Anne, Paris
Institut de psychiatrie (GDR 3557) www.institutdepsychiatrie.org
* Correspondance

Early intervention in psychosis is now well-established in several English-speaking countries and in Europe. France has been very behind in this regard. Le Réseau Transition, initiated in 2006, aims to disseminate these new practices, educate people about them, and encourage the deployment of early intervention in France. A task force initiated the adaptation of international recommendations into the French context, in particular in terms of the organization of care. A founding member of the French-speaking branch of IEPA (Early Intervention in Mental Health), the network organizes, at the national level, an annual meeting (JIPEJAAD), master classes for practical initiation to assessment and care methods specific to early psychosis, and a university diploma. A website will be soon available to disseminate tools and information about detection and early intervention in psychiatry.

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