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A qualitative study of the experience of Japanese migrants in Paris: Between adjustment and necessary adaptation Volume 95, issue 8, Octobre 2019


1 Psychologue diplômée à l’Université Paris 13, spécialité psychologie et psychopathologie cliniques, psychanalyse, cliniques interculturelles et transculturelles, France
2 Docteur en psychologie clinique de l’Université Paris Descartes Unité Inserm 1178
3 Professeur de psychiatrie de l’enfant et de l’adolescent de l’Université Paris Descartes, chef de service de la Maison des adolescents de Solenn, Paris. Unité Inserm 1178
* Correspondance

This study explores, from an anthropological and psychological point of view, the acculturation difficulties experienced by Japanese migrants living in Paris, where there is a great deal of cohabitation of different cultures. Our study shows that they experience significant psychological and cultural vulnerability when adapting to living in Paris: their sense of the priority of the group opposes French individualism, and their high sensitivity meets with the indifference of Parisians. Some cannot assimilate into Parisian culture, while others discover a new freedom, even an opportunity to reconstruct their values.

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