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The issue of concealed anxiety in elderly care clinics Volume 95, issue 8, Octobre 2019

Psychiatre des hôpitaux,
praticien contractuel,
CH de Laon, 02000 Laon, France
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Anxiety is a consubstantial affect of the human condition that is frequently encountered in the elderly. There are two paradoxes in this : Firstly, there is an inconsistency between the rarity of studies on anxiety or its equivalents at this age, revealing a lack of interest in this issue, and the widespread prescription of benzodiazepine. The second paradox concerns the existence of ways of concealing anxiety : anxiety is identifiable by its psychic and corporal expression, but it can therefore go unnoticed by patients or healthcare professionals. We propose a theoretical exploration of such defense mechanisms through a Freudian reading of repressed and displaced manifestations of anxiety. The neurophysiological indications of anxiety are useful because the neurocognitive dimension in the elderly patient complexifies the reference frameworks.

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