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L'Information Psychiatrique


173 years of psychiatry in Guadeloupe Volume 98, issue 7, Août-Septembre 2022


1 Psychiatre des Hôpitaux, Département d’Information médicale de l’EPSM de la Guadeloupe
2 Psychiatre des Hôpitaux, EPSM de la Guadeloupe
Correspondance : M. Eynaud

The history of psychiatry in Guadeloupe rests on a succession of institutions, each one another step in what is still a work in progress. It began with a mental institution in 1849, followed by a colonial asylum, a departmental hospital, a CHS (centre hospitalier spécialisé; specialized hospital center), and finally an EPSM (établissement public de santé mentale; public mental health establishment) in 2018. Each of these institutions has had its rise and fall, transforming in line with changes in sociology, politics, geology, and ideology.

The latest of these psychiatric establishments, an EPSM unique to Guadeloupe, is a legal entity that will remain full of potential as long it continues to be run by an inventive medical body rather than managed by an apathetic bureaucracy. In the face of all sorts of divides, creolization remains an institutional as well as social issue.